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Saying goodbye to tough year 2020 in a positive way is to join hands with JHK
Saying goodbye to tough year 2020 in a positive way is to join hands with JHK

With “Good Omens” for 2021, You Need Something Better and Newer from JHK

Saying goodbye to tough year 2020 in a positive way is to join hands with JHK

The Covid-19 pandemic is perhaps the biggest black swan event ever in the past few years, which has sprayed salt to injury of global manufacturing industry that has been dampened since 2019. However, the light of hope is often at the end of the tunnel, given some “good omens” below-mentioned for 2021.

Continued Easing Policies by Global Central Banks


With the development of vaccines for Covid-19 virus expected to alleviate risks for 2021 economy, global central banks have planned to maintain an easing monetary policy environment. For example, Federal Reserve of the U.S. announced at the end of 2020 an easing policy for 2021, while ECB also decided to carry out QE. Most of the efforts seem to have paid off, as PMI there all have recovered to more than 50 for now. 



Price Hikes of Base Metals       


Also boding well is the continuous increases of The S&P GSCI Industrial Metals Index, which has mounted by 35% since last June. In the meantime, metal price uptrend as shown by futures in LME has also signaled ongoing turnaround in manufacturing industry this year. The bullish sentiment can be attributed partly to China’s economic stimulus, which have effectively revitalized local industries of white goods and automobiles to herald global recovery this year. 



Shipping Delays? JHK Can Help Solve It!


JHK, a cold-forging veteran with nearly 30 years of expertise in Taiwan, boasts a well-developed supply chain consisting experienced and dependable local suppliers. It enables JHK to better satisfy customers, especially those being fretted by material shortages and shipping delays, with quality cold-forged products, on-time delivery and enviable cost effectiveness.  

An innovation-driven manufacturer, JHK is also going to launch a slate of new products, including a 300mm magnetic socket extension, and 400-450mm cold-forged hand tools. With the new products plus with highly integrated manufacturing capability, the high-profile Taiwanese maker is ready to help its customers to explore growth momentum in the years to come. 



You Can Rely on JHK’s Advanced Cold Forging Skills
What is different from JHK this year? We believe its continuously developed cold-forging capability using up to 7 dies in once cycle can tell, which is achieved partly by its advanced multi-stage cold-forging machines installed in the second half of 2019. To aim for a turnaround jointly with its customers, JHK has also worked on R&D for cold-forged tools with sophisticated structural design and low cost. All the efforts JHK has paid are expected to bear fruit this year. 

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Global Supply Chain Disruption amid Coronavirus Turbulence
Global Supply Chain Disruption amid Coronavirus Turbulence

JHK’s stable production capacity and well-integrated capability help customers to stay buoyant

Spreading over 100 different countries of the world with more than 100,000 cases confirmed, the coronavirus COVID-19 has led to lockdowns in many cities and suspension of public events and commercial activities like exhibitions and professional sports games, causing the steepest fluctuations in stock exchange markets in the U.S. and Europe in the past three decades.

And now, adding salt to injury to the global economic outlooks is the ongoing supply chain disruption begot by the coronavirus pandemic in manufacturing industries worldwide.

The Exigent Issue in China: Disrupted Supply Chain


To say the current supply chain disruption is the “sequelea” of the coronavirus spread is not overstated. It follows China’s decision to lock down cities and mandate suspension of factory operations nationwide this February, when the COVID-19 outbreak had just begun in the country.


The after-effect of the action is massive for sure, given that China is the world’s most important manufacturing base of smartphones, computers, solar cells, and many others. With China’s coronavirus outbreak spiraling out of control from January through February, global supply chain has been disrupted to seriously dampen some industries, such as automobiles. 

According to news reports, automakers including Nissan of Japan and Hyundai of S. Korea have been forced to shut down production of some makes and models in China due to supply shortage of parts and components. 



Same Crisis Faced in Taiwan       


The supply chain crisis has worried Taiwanese manufacturers with operations at home as well. 


CNFI (Chinese National Federation of Industries) of Taiwan released a holistic survey polling industry insiders and member companies in February, which shows most correspondents are concerned about disrupted supply chains, alongside production suspension and financial management, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Fitch Rating also warned earlier that supply chain disruption will emerge as a new crisis to global manufacturing industry.

Presently, China’s manufacturing sectors have just managed to get over from the COVID-19 epidemic. However, the process is slow. It rests with whether and when factories can hire enough workers and resume their logistics to restart production. In this scenario, Taiwanese manufacturers that are upset by supply chain disruption have even witnessed contract orders significantly decline lately. Fortunately, not all of them are suffering.



JHK Ensures Customers Sustainable Business Development


JHK confirms that contract orders have been increasingly diverted by customers to its factory from other places over the past few months. It is attributable partly to JHK’s stable supply chain and well-established manufacturing network, which result from the veteran maker’s insistence on operating only in Taiwan.

Another reason ever more customers choose to place orders with JHK amid the supply chain turbulence is the company’s greatly integrated production capability and ample capacity. At present, JHK has employed a full line of advanced multi-blow, multi-die equipment that allows for the cold-forging of precision parts and products, such as auto parts, hand tools and fasteners, using up to 7 dies in one cycle, as well as a skilled workforce dedicated to die and mold development in house. 

Therefore, JHK has seen a significant surge of diverted orders that are mostly for hand sockets and extension bars with a length ranging 300-350mm. Each of the said products can be rolled out efficiently in one cycle at JHK’s factory and equipment. With JHK’s time-tested skills and consummate production technologies, customers’ business sustainability can be effective assured. 



      __iMonster's Digest___  
With Challenge Comes Opportunity to JHK
As a veteran cold-forging maker who stands in customer’s shoes and tries to figure out what they truly need all the time, JHK in the face of supply chain disruption has stayed in good shape, thanks mainly to its dedication to continuous improvement.

A striking example is that JHK made a farsighted decision to upgrade its equipment last September, regardless of a market meltdown due to China-U.S. trade disputes. With the investment project, the company effectively enhances its capability of producing cold-forged products with a maximum length from only 200mm to 400mm. With the effort bearing fruits, JHK has effectively remained buoyant at a time when most of its peers have suffered from shrinking orders and disrupted supply chains in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Amid Supply Chain Revolution, JHK Helps You Get Started
Amid Supply Chain Revolution, JHK Helps You Get Started

The lingering trade war launched by the U.S. against other countries of the world has forced global enterprises to consider restructuring supply chains that mostly involve contract manufacturers in Asia. With a global supply chain revolution on the way, JHK’s Report to Customers will share its insights into the transition. 

One Year after Sino-U.S. Trade War...
Manufacturing landscape is changing


Under the traditional division of labor, a single piece of cold-forged aircraft parts can be transferred across many borders and then destined to Boeing or Airbus till it is finished. This is the landscape that manufacturers from all over the world in the era of globalization have been familiar with.

However, such an offshoring process may have reached a time point to be changed, as ever more international enterprises have found it inefficient. It is especially significant  when wages in Asian developing countries have continuously grown, while rising protectionism worldwide and increasing tariffs by the U.S. and other nations have added salt to injury of the players with production facilities outside of their homelands. 

台灣金屬製造業者多少已因短鏈革命而大受影響。A global supply chain revolution has got underway.

In response, a couple of globally known conglomerates, such as GE, have reshored their production facilities and restructured existing supply chains, to impact numerous companies in Asia that rely on contract manufacturing. It is safe to say: time to say goodbye to the manufacturing landscape sustained by globalization.



Global Supply Chain Revolution Gets Underway       

To break a long, complex system into pieces


A more flexible and market-oriented supply chain is needed.

Simply speaking, the global supply chain revolution getting underway is to see long, complex cross-border supply chains be broken into smaller and “more independent” ones, to enable multinational enterprises to better adapt themselves to government regulations—literally duties—and market demands with improved efficiency and significant flexibility. 

In other words, to the Taiwanese metal industry, for example, the revolution is likely to bring in change in the way that a single supplier will be asked to serve foreign customers like a separate supply chain, to provide readily available products and services on demand locally and for nearby markets. To that end, integrated manufacturing facility will be required.



To Survive the Transition
JHK can be your Best Choice


To fill vacancies in a restructured supply chain with new suppliers is a no easy job, but to customers demanding quality cold forgings, it can be made easy with JHK. This Taiwanese veteran maker has been devoted to cold forging for over 30 years, and takes pride of a sound line of manufacturing and QC equipment employed in house, as well as a time-tested multi-stage cold-forging skill, which is key to rolling out cold-forged products with custom, sophisticated structural designs. 

Another merit among others that make JHK a great choice for customer’s supply chain restructuring is vertically integrated, flexible production capability, achieved primarily by the firm’s unparalleled die development, production and tooling abilities. All the abovementioned advantages enable JHK to offer high-efficient, value-added manufacturing services, and help customers shorten time-to-market and facilitate supply chain management.




      __iMonster's Digest___  
JHK to Further Aid Customers to Ride on Trend with Stainless Steel Socket Series

iMonster Marketing has just been informed that JHK, with an aspiration to join hands with customers to explore new opportunities amid the said revolution, has actively promoted its brand new socket series, all made of stainless steel. 

Understanding that stainless steel sockets and socket bars are perfect for professional end-users, JHK, which has newly installed advanced machines to enhance its multi-stage cold-forging efficiency and capability in mid-September, 2019, announced that the series has been expanded to include larger-sized models, with drive hole sizes ranging 10-12cm and shank length of 25, 30, 35, 40, 47 and 50cm. Application of the new series covers maintenance of electronic products, vehicles and machinery.

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When Industry Goes Down, JHK Hones In On Multi-stage Cold-forging Upgrading
When Industry Goes Down, JHK Hones In On Multi-stage Cold-forging Upgrading

The Taiwan-based multi-stage cold forging specialist Jih Hsin Kun (JHK), in the face of the ecaslating China-U.S. trade war that is believed as a main cause to have led to global market stagnation seen recently, has just done a nice job with reverse and customer-centric thinking to buck the trend. What has JHK done? Let's enjoy the inaugural issue of "JHK's Report to Customers" to follow up on it.


Taiwan Metalworking Industry in Trouble?

 Anxiety about market meltdown is speading..



It is not an overstatement that cold forging and other metalworking sectors in Taiwan, since the second half of this year, have witnessed insiders generally experience surging anxiety about an increasingly uncertain market outlook, as we have heard, especially these days, through the grapevine something like: “We have failed to see new orders for the months”, or “Some factory owners in southern Taiwan have allegedly furloughed their workers just because of market turbulence.” With more and more local metal parts makers and metalworking suppliers reasponding those ways, here came a question to mind: "Is it just word-of-mouth gossip?"

To that question, we have to admit that the answer is just in the negative, which is suggested by a report released around the end of this Spetempber by the Cabinet-level National Development Council of Taiwan on business cycle monitoring indicators for this August. As mentioned above, the results were obviously an disappointment to most people in the manufacturing sectors.



Notes from JHK's Logbook for Multi-stage Cold Forging Development (caption):

Since Q2, 2019, Taiwan's metalworking industries, including metal products and processing, have generally been dampened to some extent by market inertia, resulting from a couple of factors, such as the impact of the lingering China-U.S. trade tariff disputes as we have known.

The report showed the composite index of Taiwan’s economic climate sliding by 2 points to 20 compared to July, with the indicator flashing a “yellow-blue” light (representing sluggishness) for the third consecutive month. In the meantime, the industrial production index and the monitoring indicator for the manufacturing industry both showed disappointing results. Experts attributed the depression to lots of factors including market inertia caused by impacts of the elevating trade disputes around the world, and warned there will be no signs of a significant turnaround for Taiwanese manufacturers until the fourth quarter, when seasonal booms are expected to loom as they did in the past.

With the cited information helping to portray industry reality that has held back most insiders with new business maneuvers for this year, you may have been interested: “How about JHK?” As a proven cold-forging maker who stands in customer’s shoes and tries to figure out what they truly need all the time, we finished the past months with a great excitement to share with you.


Market Meltdown, So What?

 JHK starts new chapter in history with new cold-forging machine  



Shrugging off market downturn, JHK, a seasoned maker boasting well integrated in-house production capability including die development and production and pre-delivery quality inspection, has just introduced an advanced automatic multi-stage cold forging machine in the factory, an investment project that underlines its long-lasting effort on continuous improvements of skills and quality to offer customers more value.

This machine will enable JHK to roll out cold-forged parts and products with more complex structure, and to better address concerns about precision, speedy production and minimum material waste generated. For reason, it allows for accurate material handling through computers, and then metal forming using up to 7 dies for 7 different manufacturing processes in one production cycle, a feature especially significant when conventional cold forging process in most cases is applicable only for products with simple shapes unless more complimentary processes are involved for desired deformation and shaping grades.


Notes from JHK's Logbook for Multi-stage Cold Forging Development (caption):

The newly imported automatic cold-forging machine, notable for 7-die-7-blow forming capability, has been set to roll since installed at the end of this September in JHK's factory in Yunlin, central Taiwan


 Do You Still Rely Only on FRW? 

 For your real-world benefitsCold Forging is worth a try



Prior to the advent of the new machine, JHK, in fact, couldn’t help but giving up on orders for metal parts over 200mm in length. In those days, as result, some of the buyers we failed to serve have resorted to friction welding (FRW), as the technology allows two workpieces of even different materials to be joined for desired purposes and sizes. 



Notes from JHK's Logbook for Multi-stage Cold Forging Development (caption):

With the new forging machine set to hum, JHK for now can mass produce cold-forged parts, including special screws, hand tool parts and auto parts, with a maximum length of 400mm in house, to better serve customers demanding larger-sized products and from wide-ranging sectors

However, based on its decades-long metalworking experince and knowledge, JHK strongly believes that cold forging can absolutely be a greater choice over FRW, especially when it comes to proftaiblity, just for technological reasons. 

For example, compared to cold-forged parts, those undergoing FRW often need to go through surface finishing, such as lathing and polishing, afterwards, which requires additional time and cost before they can be delivered as fininshed products to customers. 

Besides, friction-welded parts are generally inferior to cold forgings in terms of torque and structural durability, which result from residual stress within the welded workpieces where metallurgical changes take place as workpieces must be heated to elevated temperatures that allow for the joining of different materials.  

Now that the new cold forging machine can handle workpiece and metal products with a maximum length of 400mm, JHK is confident to better fulfill customers’ orders for a special screw, shank, linkage rod and other metal parts with a broader size range, while at more competitive cost and with higher efficiency. As long as you are interested in JHK’s greatly enhanced cold forging prowess, just drop your email to us, or arrange your personal visit to our factory for better experience as you are always welcome.

___ iMonster’s Digest_________________ 

a thoughtful, skilled veteran 
in Taiwan's forging sector

On its lifetime journey to customer satisfaction, JHK gets started with self discipline, and guided by customer’s genuine demand

A metal parts and product veteran maker, JHK stands out from the competition not just by a sound line of equipment employed in house for nearly all necessary processes (from die development and production to manufacturing, assembly and pre-delivery quality inspection), but its devotion to continuous improvements of capability and quality, designed to add value for customers. 

Taking a further step in its lifetime journey to customer satisfaction, JHK is set to boost its presence in overseas markets, in an effort to, besides exploring new opportunities, gain up-to-date knowledge and advanced skills on metalworking from industrialized nations. With the ultimate objective aimed at developing more value-added solutions for cold forging that can be used to shore up customers’ businesses in different market segments, it is safe to say JHK will continue to live up to its reputation as a seasoned maker whose business operations are always centered around customers.



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