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Introduction of Factory

For the purpose to satisfy our customers’ demand, our company has purchased the screw forming machine which can forge various sizes of screws and the proprietary mold department to repair the molds and create all kinds of new products. Our facilities include:



Chong-pin chamber


Mold Department


Iron Wire Area                                                                    


  • Facilities in Manufacturing Dept:
    Screw Forming Machine, Four Blow Four Die, Five Blow Five Die, Six Blow Six Die, Seven Blow Seven Die (including 1/4 model, 5/16 model, 3/8 model, 1/2 model, 6/8 model, Bolt Forming Machine, Thread Rolling Machine) to forge various hand tool sockets, magnetic sockets, stainless steel sockets, special screws and auto & motorcycle spare parts.
  • Facilities in Mold Dept:
    Manufacturing facilities for molds (including Precision Lathe, Hole Forming Machine, Boring Machine, Mold Plane Processor, Mold Polishing Machine, Discharge Processor, Heat Processor, High Heat Oven
  • Inspect Facilities in QC Dept:
    2.5D Manual Projector, Hardness Machine, Microscope, True Roughness Tester, Angle Measuring Instrument, Roundness Tester, Thickness Measuring Machine, Concentricity Gauge, Percentage Caliper, Vernier Caliper, Micrometer Caliper










NO.106,Nan-an.,Yuanchang Township,Yunlin County 65546,Taiwan