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Jih Hsin Kun's Brand Story


With a history of over 35 years and today a high reputation as a well-established screw maker, Jih Hsin Kun once stood at a turning point 25 years ago, when it decided to move to its current location in Yulin County, central Taiwan.


To Jih Hsin Kun at that time, when it was an only 10-year-old company without sufficient support and resources enough to cope with any possible, sudden changes in that new environment, the decision was risky and reckless somehow. But for now, the current achievements of Jih Hsin Kun have proved it the right decision in many aspects; and all of those can owe to the founders, who hold a shared belief of “with challenge comes opportunity.”


To silence the doubtful voice in their mind in the tough times and simply to usher in a new era of Jih Hsin Kun, the founders reached a consensus to build a well-integrated production facility in the new location, with all details of the plan, including new product development, customer relationship maintenance, and the procurement of new equipment, being discussed during their tea time and carried out by them separately without a glitch.


Consistently dedicated to learning screw-making as apprentices in their younger years, the founders have accumulated profound knowledge and consummate manufacturing techniques, which have sustained Jih Hsin Kun to overcome numerous challenges that looked impossible to conquer before over the past 35 years.


Undaunted by challenges and difficulties, the founders have also assisted a large number of customers to turn their ideas and dreams into real-life products that could hardly made by other manufacturers, thanks to Jih Hsin Kun’s well integrated production capability, from mold and die development to packaging, developed on the lean manufacturing concept. Besides, shortened time-to-market and competitive price are also among Jih Hsin Kun’s promises to customers.


With the founders handing over the baton to second-generation owners, Jih Hsin Kun is well on its way to a professional screws brand with inherited integrity and conscientiousness as its spirit.



NO.106,Nan-an.,Yuanchang Township,Yunlin County 65546,Taiwan